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Change Your Thinking with Traci Duez

Traci Duez joins Kyle and Jon to talk about how we think. Traci has worked with project managers, construction professionals, HR folks, and many more in her journey to help people understand how they think and be intentional about what goes on in our heads. From Human Doings to Stranger Danger, this episode will get you to listen, laugh, and think!

Fit with Lisa Larance

Lisa Larance has been in the design and construction industry for many years and through her career she has experienced fitting in well in companies and on projects. She learned the art of helping those around her fit better after wondering why often we feel like we don’t fit and sometimes we just fit. Hear how she goes about working with others to increase their feeling of fit.  

How do I want to be tomorrow? with Tony Seidling

Tony Seidling is one of the most unique people you will find in the construction industry. He brings a perspective that you have to listen to in order to appreciate – he talks about how he looks back on his interactions each each, how he focuses on the people around him, and a range of examples from gum in the hair to wagons to getting ready for your day. Tony brings his insights on how he is making a difference in people’s lives each and every day. 

Connections with Brian Mohr

Brian Mohr from anthym joins Kyle and Jon to discuss connections. Brian has created the anthym company which is building connected teams by using the power of music and other cultural touch points. Brian shares his creation story, what anthym is all about, and the best part – Kyle and Brian put Jon in the hot seat and we all get to learn about Jon’s taste (or not) in music. And who would have guessed that Kyle had seen some of the bands he saw? This is a fun episode – hope you enjoy it. 

Strengths and Growth with Jenny Hastings

Jon and Kyle are joined by Jenny Hastings to explore her CliftonStrengths and how her awareness of these results impacted her. First we talk about what her top 5 strengths are. Then how her transition to a much larger corporate wide role better aligned with her natural talents. Finally, we discuss how she helped bring Ripple Intent to Sacramento and how you can bring the Breakfast Clubs to your town.

Change Management with Clay Cousins

Clay Cousins joins Kyle and Jon to explore Change Management – while we all get and understand the technical side of change, why is the human side so difficult? With all the resources on available, you’d think we as humans would be able to follow the tried and true processes studied and crafted by all the business masters – yet we experience the opposite. The conversation with Clay takes you through a journey that we can all relate to.


Human Skills with Howie Ferguson

Howie Ferguson, Executive Director of COAA (Construction Owners Association of America), joins Kyle and Jon for a conversation on Human Skills. Call it whatever you like – soft skills, leadership, peopling, or human skills. We explore how that skillset has gain an importance at work over the past couple decades, why it is important, and where we can learn them. 

Balconies and Basements with Christine Schneider

Christine Schneider learned about her Gallup CliftonStrengths and it changed her life – at work and home. Hear about how the knowledge about how we are wired, how it impacts our reactions and behaviors, and how it helped Christine understand herself. Self awareness is a powerful skill and once you start on the journey, you will transform yourself. Join Jon, Kyle, and Christine for her exploration of her top strengths.

Competence with Sean Williams

Ever hear or use the phrase “Trust, but verify?” Rooted in the belief that the other person is competent – able to complete whatever is asked of them, followed by your need to check in the finished task to ensure it was complete. According to Sean Williams, this means you actually don’t trust the other person. Listen to the conversation as Sean, Kyle, and Jon explore how so many people use Competence as their sol barometer of extending Trust.

Connection with Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell joins Kyle and Jon to explore Connection – what it means, how we create them, if we can be less than present and still create a connection, and more. From Dr. Murthy in May of 2023, he declared that America is lonely – that 1 out of 2 people, at any given time, is lonely. How can this be with all of our technical ways to connect? Listen and learn more!

Value with David Sharrock

David Sharrock, a long time Ripple Intent volunteer and contributor, joins Kyle and Jon to explore Value. The Value is used a lot, from people to money to actions, and this conversation explores what value means, where we see it in action, how we judge others and actions in terms of our own value, and value in the context of others.

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