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Personal Growth in Leadership with Ryan Heeter

In this episode of the Ripple Intent podcast, Kyle and Jon are joined by Ryan Heeter to discuss the importance of trust, self-awareness, and personal growth in leadership. Ryan shares his journey of self-discovery and how it has shaped his approach to work and relationships. He shares his concept of being a lighthouse rather than a tugboat, leading by example and shining a light for others to follow. The conversation highlights the need for deeper conversations and understanding in order to build strong teams and achieve goals. Ryan emphasizes the power of trust, empathy, and self-reflection in leadership.

Thoughts to consider

Trust is a crucial element in building strong relationships and effective teams – much easier said than done!
Self-awareness and personal growth are essential for leadership development.
Leading by shining a light for others can inspire positive change.
Deeper conversations and understanding are necessary for building strong teams and achieving goals.
Empathy and self-reflection are key to creating a positive work environment and fostering personal growth.

Leading and Living as a Maximizer with Sarah Armstrong and Stacey Root

Stacey Root and Sarah Armstrong join Kyle and Jon to share how they live and lead with the Maximizer Clifton Strength in their top 5. Stacey and Sarah discuss how their maximizer strength affects their daily lives – interactions, work, home, driving – how they view the world. They emphasize the importance of understanding and awareness having and being around someone with the maximizer strength. They also touch on the role of empathy and how it can impact relationships. The discussion heads to the never-ending pursuit of improvement and the difficulty of being satisfied with the results. Stacey and Sarah discuss their experiences as Maximizers and the challenges they face. They talk about the relief they feel when they are in unfamiliar environments and can let go of their Maximizer tendencies. They reflect on the negative connotations of being a maximizer and the impact it has had on their self-perception. Overall, they emphasize the importance of recognizing and leveraging the strengths of yourselves and of others.

Everybody Should Succeed with Tim Albiani

In this episode, Tim Albiani, Vice President of Operations at McCarthy Building Companies, shares his journey into the construction industry and the importance of collaboration and partnerships. He emphasizes the value of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in leadership and highlights the significance of diversity in teams. Tim discusses his process of building trust and aligning goals to achieve success. He encourages challenging the status quo and embracing conviction and belief. From his early days in Ag Econ to his current role, Tim’s journey is insightful, entertaining, and a great conversation to hear. 

Thriving Under Pressure with Jolie Wills

Jolie Wills joins Kyle and Jon to discuss our working world. Stress and pressure are constants in our world and through her work with companies and organizations dealing with crisis and studying the science for how we as human beings work under pressure. 

Jolie is a cognitive scientist, a leading psychosocial expert in disaster and disruption and a global thought leader in resiliency, leadership and team effectiveness under pressure. Her firm, Hummingly, brings the research, science and learning from leading teams in the toughest conditions to your leaders and teams so they are equipped to thrive under pressure.

Jolie has studied how the mind works under pressure, how we make decisions and how our reactions and behaviors are impacted by stress. Jolie’s areas of expertise include leadership and team effectiveness under pressure, workforce resiliency and wellbeing, disaster recovery, and storytelling. 

Passion, Well Being, and Suicide in the Construction Industry with Nick Williams

On this powerful and difficult episode, Nick Williams joins Kyle and Jon to discuss a dark aspect of the construction industry. Nick is passionate about people, and the work he does has led him to working with groups that are seeking to better the construction industry and the people in it. Through organizations such as AGC’s Mental Health Working Group, Nick is passionate about people, their well being, and how we can serve those in the construction industry better.

Connections and Growth with Kent Hedges

Do you own your career? Have you taken personality tests and wondered what to do with them? What do you prioritize in your life – and do you actually do it? Kent Hedges joins Kyle and Jon to explore these questions and share how he prioritizes family, faith, and relationships in his life and how he has found a path to actually live those priorities each day.

Team Behaviors with Jeff Bonk

Ever wonder what makes a good team? Jeff Bonk joins Kyle and Jon to talk about how approaching managing a team as a leader is important when it comes to setting and expecting behaviors. The conversation wanders through technology, distractions, being present, the different between manager and leader, and how due to Jeff’s experience, he has successfully put it in place to drive cohesive, functioning teams.


Waste? What Waste? With Mike Williams

In this episode, Mike Williams takes on the design and construction industry. An industry rooted deep in history, process, and waste, Mike confronts aspects that just seem crazy when you hear him describe them. Mike’s views on people, fees, relationships, contracts, and who should be doing what work and why, are thought provoking and entertaining.

Who You Were with Megan Schroeder

Megan Schroeder joins the Ripple Intent podcast for her take on business development, facilitating conversations at Breakfast Clubs, and her love of airports.

Traci Duez – Rewire Your Thinking

Traci Duez joins Jon and Kyle for a continuing conversation on how to rewire your thinking. The T.E.A.R. model explained, our approach to where we want to go and how we want to be, and what causes our thinking to prevent us from getting where we want to be.

Leadership with Mike Wood

Mike Wood has been leading people for decades – in hospitals, national and international organizations, volunteer efforts, and more. A founding member of IFMA, he has been active in AHA, IFMA, ASHE, CAHED, HCC, HCI, AMFP and BEN amongst other organizations.  Mike has been a speaker at the national and international level on Technology, Healthcare Innovation, Healthcare PDC and Healthcare Futures.  In this conversation with Kyle and Jon, Mike shares what influenced his development as a leader, his approach to self awareness, and his servant leadership. 

Mike mentions Max Depree’s two books in this episode – Leadership Is An Art, and Leadership Jazz.

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