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Jon and Kyle are joined by Sarah Moser to discuss Trust. Do we naturally trust others or do others have to earn our trust? Of the 4 distinctions of trust, what do each look like in our behaviors? How can we make trust intentional and not something we assume will happen over time?


Juan Ramos joins Jon and Kyle to discuss Mistakes. How do people react when they make mistakes? How do other people react when they see people make mistakes? Are our reactions hardwired or can we choose them? Is there a difference between work and home? Where are we more tolerant – with people we know or strangers? This conversation takes Mistakes to a whole new depth of understanding.

Grace and Patience

Christine Sosnowski joins Kyle and Jon to explore the concept of Grace and Patience, a phrase we hear often yet is often assumed to be understood.  The conversation looks at our own approach to patience, examples of patience and grace behaviors, and challenges us to look deep within ourselves in our support of other people.

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