Portland Breakfast Club
October 2

Join us in Portland. Our breakfast club is staying curious and wants to find out why we are the way we are. Connecting through simple topics examined in complex ways, we explore how the human factor can be used as an accelerator of positive change through self awareness, practice, and application.




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Denver - Virtual

Denver Breakfast Club
October 28


Join is to continue the good work from the Symposium or begin to explore your own journey. Our small group setting brings together all aspects of collaboration, self awareness, and experiential learning.



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Annual Symposium

February 4, 2021

Virtual & In-Person

One day - $99 (early registration rate)

The Symposium is back! A mix of in-person and virtual, join a small group near you to participate in the event that pushes us to be better people. With the combination of large group content virtually and the small group work in-person with facilitators, we are excited to bring the event to you safely.

Potential locations include -
Denver Metro
South Denver
Colorado Springs
Northern Colorado

If you are interested in hosting a small group of 15-20 participants in your area, contact us directly and we'll work together to bring the event to you.


Online & In-Person

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Since 2012, we have crafted events for one specific reason – we want people to be engaged at work, find fulfillment, purpose, and feel more joy in work and life. These events originated from a grassroots effort in Portland, Oregon and have reached Denver, CO, Houston, TX, and Phoenix, AZ. We knew that to truly work and live this way, we couldn’t just ask for it, or expect it, or even write contracts for it – we had to learn together, alongside each other. Join us on the journey today.