Annual Symposium
Portland, Oregon
February 4, 2020
8:00 am

About this event

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Your success after a Ripple Intent Event

At Ripple Intent we know that you want to be an energized, encouraged team member who has figured out how to do their job well while having fun and making a positive impact at work. In order to do that, you need to know how to be better at your job, have a better experience working with your team, and have fun at work while working in a high-performance team.

The problem is there can be conflict and disunity in your team as well as a negative culture at work, which makes you feel stressed out, frustrated, and sometimes confused about how to excel in your career. We believe it is just plain wrong to have to work in an unhealthy environment all day long. We understand what it is like to be stressed and frustrated about your work culture and team dynamics. This is why we have been hosting meetups and conferences for 8 years and seen over 8,000 people transform their personal and professional lives.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect with us on Linkedin or by email.
  2. Come to a breakfast or annual symposium.
  3. Transform yourself, your team and your workplace.

So, come to the next breakfast club in your area. And in the meantime, get on the email list so you can hear about our upcoming events.

This way you can stop feeling stressed out and frustrated and instead transform your workplace into a more positive and productive experience.

Trusted by great companies

“Ripple Intent has helped me feel more engaged in opportunities by providing ideas around how I can integrate concepts of being intentional and engaged as a community into the work in small, individual ways. I’ve used the Ripple Intent events as an opportunity to reach out to colleagues and invite them to participate.”

– Dana Vincent

“Ripple Intent provided pragmatic tools and strategies for addressing these issues along with guided exercises to achieve a greater level of self-awareness. I now approach problem-solving in a whole new way.”

– Juan Ramos